John Bewick is the founder and president of Compliance Management, Inc., a firm specializing in environmental compliance systems for industry and government. Dr. Bewick has over 30 years of experience with environmental and energy management at the local, state and national levels. He has been a lecturer at MIT, teaching the Environmental Management course in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and organized climate change forums and presentations.

He writes broadly-researched magazine and op-ed articles focused on climate change issues including new sources of funding and management structures for conducting the research, design and commercial development of alternative clean energy technologies. He is also working with the American National Standards Institute to accredit firms that verify greenhouse gas emission reports for registries and carbon credits markets as a way to ensure the integrity of emission reporting that will be essential for future climate treaties.

Dr. Bewick served as Massachusetts Secretary for Environmental Affairs under Governor Edward King. He worked at Cabot Corporation on siting of LNG facilities and at the Atomic Energy Commission on both the licensing process for siting nuclear power plants and on the first quantitative evaluation of nuclear accident risks. Prior to that he worked in the Reactor Physics section of the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory designing reactors for the nuclear navy. He also taught physics at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria as a member of the Peace Corps.

He has an MBA and DBA in statistical decision theory from the Harvard Business School and is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelors degree in Engineering Physics and of the University of Michigan with a Masters degree in Nuclear Science. Dr. Bewick uses a unique combination of technical, business and political skills to help government and business clients solve their energy and environmental problems in a cost-effective, pragmatic way.